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8 free (and easy!) weight loss tips that work for me

Every time I travel, I lose weight.And every time I get home and settle back into my routine, I put all of the weight back on. And then some.This has been going on since before I can remember, but since I used to do so much traveling, the whole lose/gain thing always seemed to balance itself out.But...Read More

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Dated : 2021-04-06 09:23:40

Substitute Foods: 10 Healthy Food Swaps for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, monitoring what you eat is one of the most important things you can do. Exercising is key for weight loss, but it works best when mixed with a healthy diet. Even if you're hitting the gym a few times a week, you might not see as much of a difference if you're still ea...Read More

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Dated : 2021-04-02 17:23:40

5 Yoga Poses for Flexibility

One of the many benefits of yoga is that it allows you to improve your flexibility. Flexibility is so important for your overall health and is key to avoiding injury, especially as you get older. Many people think that you have to be flexible to practice yoga, but actually it's just the opposite: do...Read More

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Dated : 2021-04-02 16:23:40

Stop Making Excuses: 11 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

While the start of a new year brings promises to exercise more and eat less, most of us find ourselves in a funk by the time spring hits. The cold winter weather has a way of sapping all of our energy and motivation from us, and spending our days hiding beneath oversized sweaters and boyfriend jeans...Read More

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The Best Leg Workouts: 10 Exercises for Sexy Toned Legs

Do you ever find yourself mesmerized over someone else's legs? Legs are the one thing that really stand out to me. If someone has nice toned legs, I immediately take notice, and it always urges me to focus more on leg workouts when I hit the gym. If you're in the same boat, you're going to love the ...Read More

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Why Am I So Tired? 5 Tips to Increase Your Energy

If you're anything like me, you have some super sluggish days from time to time. It happens due to a lack of energy and it's not a good feeling. Sometimes it even comes way before the afternoon slump and you just can't kick it. Why is this? Why do we sometimes feel so tired during the day even if we...Read More

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Strength Training Workouts For Runners to Make You Stronger and Faster!

I've always loved running. It's the one exercise that always gives me a great workout no matter what, and running never fails to leave me feeling amazing afterwards! But over the years I've realized that running isn't enough. Combining running with strength training workouts will make you run faster...Read More

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Top 33 workout songs to keep you motivated

I went to the gym for a run the other day, and when I realized my iPod wasn't charged, I decided to skip my workout and went to Starbucks for a latte instead.I'm serious.My husband thought this was absolutely ridiculous, but I simply CANNOT exercise unless I have my favorite upbeat songs pumping thr...Read More

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The Scoop On Protein Shakes: Are They Safe?

As a dancer-turned-yogi who has always had a very active lifestyle, protein shakes have made their way into my hands quite a few times. Protein shakes are made with protein powder; supplements that we can put into our blenders and mix with our favourite fruits. They're said to enhance athletic perfo...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-31 20:23:40

The Top 10 Arm Workouts for Beginners

There are multiple benefits of incorporating arm workouts into your gym routine. First and foremost, having strong arm muscles ensures you're able to carry out daily tasks such as lifting heavy objects and carrying bags, or children – if you're a mama! It's horrible to feel weak and helpless, espe...Read More

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25 delicious Weight Watchers dessert recipes (points per serving included!)

Remember how one of my college buddies recently signed up for Weight Watchers and I made her scream with joy when I put together this list of 25 easy-to-make Weight Watchers dinner recipes for her? Well, she's been having a lot of luck with the program thanks to those delicious meals, but when we we...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-31 09:23:40

The secret to feeling well-rested and happy

Whenever we travel, I buy a stack of magazines at the airport, and by ‘stack of magazines', I mean at least six.Sometimes eight.Now, I know what you're thinking.WHO SPENDS THAT KIND OF MONEY ON MAGAZINES?But it's the only thing that keeps me from hyperventilating into a barf bag while I wait for t...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-31 06:23:40

The best 10-minute ab workout

As many of you know, I've been on a bit of a health kick lately. I run on the treadmill 5+ times a week, I try to squeeze in one of these fantastic at-home yoga workouts whenever possible, I eat relatively healthy foods, and I've been doing these quick and easy butt and thigh workouts after lunch mo...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-31 04:23:40

Weight Loss Mistakes: 7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Do you have a history of making weight loss mistakes that are successful in the short-term, but inevitably cause you to gain more weight over time?I do.I could talk your ear off about all of the times I've fallen off track with my weight loss goals, but things have never gotten quite as bad as they ...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-30 19:23:40

The best 30-day squat challenge to tone your butt and thighs

For as long as I can remember, I have hated my legs. My knees are knobbly, my skin is pasty, and my thighs are much to big for the rest of my body.Of course, my husband thinks this is crazy (I love him!), but after crying in a lululemon change room after trying on one of their gorgeous Pace Rival Sk...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-30 18:23:40

Tropical Green Smoothie Paradise Recipe

Spring has sprung. There are oh-so-many things to be happy about. But the arrival of fresh, green, spring produce is definitely one of them. And drinking a` Tropical Green Smoothie Paradise is DEFINITELY a fun way to celebrate their arrival.Green smoothies have been a fad now for close to a decade. ...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-30 11:23:40

The Ultimate Gym Playlist: 70 Workout Songs to Make You Workout Harder!

I spend a lot of time sharing fitness tips on this blog, and while I am very diligent about scheduling regular gym sessions into my routine, I have been really struggling to keep up lately.It's as though I've completely run out of steam.Now, I could blame so many different things for this lack of mo...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-30 08:23:40

6 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The last few times I've attended a hot yoga class, I've felt like I sweated out about ten pounds. It turns out, hot yoga gets even hotter in the summer, to the point where everyone in the room is dripping sweat the entire time. If you're not into yoga, that might sound gross, but it actually feels g...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-29 23:23:40

Tabata Workouts For Beginners: 10 Workouts For Serious Weight Loss

What can I say about tabata workouts? They're intense, calorie blasting, quick, and effective, and when it comes to weight loss, it doesn't get much better than that!Tabata workouts consist of 20 seconds of full-on exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. This adds up to 4 minutes...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-29 22:23:40

The Best Essential Oils for Stress

Stress comes in many forms, but it never feels good. It could be triggered by things such as work, relationships, and money, and deepened by unhealthy eating, a lack of exercise, and harmful habits. If you're finding you're in a stressful rut, you're definitely not alone. The great thing is, there a...Read More

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Dated : 2021-03-29 21:23:40