10 Things That Annoy Me About Summer

Am I the only one feeling a little depressed there's only one week left in August?

Wait a minute.

If you have school-aged kids, you're probably rejoicing that summer is almost over, right?

Well, my daughter is currently navigating her way through the Terrible Twos, and has yet to get her 2-year molars, so the idea of being held captive in our 1,300-sq-ft condo for months on end doesn't appeal to me.

At all.

But rather than focusing on the fact that flu season is just around the corner, I decided to write down a list of the things that annoy me about summer.

And you know what?

It made me kind of excited about the prospect of getting out those hot boots I bought last winter, and hiking over to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

So I thought I'd share the love and help you feel a little better about the fact that September is around the corner.

You're welcome.

1. Sunblock. I hate everything about it – the smell, the feeling of it on my skin, and the fact that there's been a layer of it all over every surface of our 1,300-sq-ft condo since June.

2. The Humidity. It's not good for my hair. Think Monica from friends. Times one hundred.

3. Rain. Is it just me, or does summer rain last for days on end?

4. Sand. It's everywhere – my shoes, the front hall, the living room, my bra…everywhere!

5. Allergies. Fortunately, I don't suffer from them. But my husband does. So he's essentially had a Man Cold since June, and I'm getting kind of sick of him threatening to take a Claritin every 5 minutes.

6. Longer Days. I used to love this. But with my 2-year-old getting up earlier and going to bed later, the novelty of it has pretty much warn off.

7. Golf. Don't even get me started.

8. The Park. It was fun in during those first few warm days in May, but now it just annoys me.

9. Bees. They scare the snot out of me.

10. Ice Cream Trucks. It's like they follow me around all summer. I guess they just know I have no self-restraint?

What annoys YOU about summer?

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