How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog: 7 Tips To Get Hired!

Your ‘about me' page is one of, if not the most important pages of your blog. Whenever I visit a blog I like, one of the first things I do is go to the ‘about me' page to check out the blog's story and read about the blog's author. If you're stuck when it comes to how to write an about me page for a blog, you're not alone, and you're in the right place.

Your ‘about me' page not only has the power to turn first time readers into avid followers, it can also send people away feeling a little underwhelmed. I don't know about you, but I'd much prefer the former. And even more, if you offer services through your blog, whether it's freelance blogging, sponsored posts, or working with brands through social media, your ‘about me' page has the power to get you hired!


Use your ‘about me' page to build a relationship with your readers. You want them to be able to connect with you and feel that they can come to your blog to get advice or knowledge on the topic(s) you blog about. And if you're using your blog as part of your business, use your ‘about me' page to show brands how unique you are and why working with you will benefit them.

Writing an ‘about me' page takes time, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here are my best tips on how to write an about me page for your blog!

1. Know your focus/target audience

It's hard to write an ‘about me' page that resonates with your target reader without knowing who your target reader is. Once you know the audience you are writing for, you can write things in your ‘about me' page that are relatable to them. You can also think about this in terms of your focus. Knowing the focus of your blog helps determine what and who you are writing for.

2. How will your site benefit them?

Whether it's your readers or potential brands, you want to let whoever's reading your page know how your blog will benefit them. What will they find and learn on your blog? Why should they read it? What kind of content do you write about and how often? Knowing all of this information will target your ideal readers and turn away those who aren't your target reader or brand. And that's a good thing. Don't try to write for everyone. You're actually less likely to land blog gigs if your focus is all over the place.

3. Include your tagline

Your tagline is a sentence that tells your readers what your blog is about. It tells them what you write about and who you write for. This is important information to put on your ‘about me' page.

For example, our tagline is "MERAKI LANE is the modern woman's guide to the latest in beauty, wellness, food, and family, all shared with soul, love, and creativity." You know exactly who the site is for (the modern woman) and what the modern woman will learn about (beauty, food, and family).

If you're wondering how to open your "about me" page, your tagline can be a great starting point. This way, readers know right away whether your blog is for them and what they will get from it if it is.

4. Share your bio

People want to read about your story. Tell your readers about you and your life and how it relates to your blog. Why did you start your blog? How does it fit into your life? Why do you still love it and continue to blog? People love to hear about these types of things. Depending on the type of blog you have, you can share other stats about your life. If you have a lifestyle blog, feel free to share snippets about your life whether you have a dog, or love to bake, or live in a cozy cabin with your high school sweetheart.

5. What makes you different?

There are approximately a bazillion bloggers out there. Why should someone keep coming back to your blog? Tell them. Do you have a unique viewpoint on a certain subject? Did you do your Masters in creative writing? Are you extremely good at something? Put it in your ‘about me' page! It's okay to brag about yourself, especially if you're promoting your services. Have you worked with brands in the past? Talk about it! Have you written articles that drove increased traffic to a certain website? Talk about it!

You get one page to get people interested in you. Make it count.

6. Market your services

If you're using your ‘about me' page to get hired, make sure to expand on your services. Once your readers get to know more about you, your blog and what makes you so awesome, market whatever it is you're offering. Do you create custom websites? Do you hand paint fashion illustration portraits? Do you offer blog consultations? Market your services and market them well! Expand, provide testimonials. link to your portfolio, share personal success stories. Make them want what you have to give!

7. Tell them what to do next

Once you have people hooked on reading your awesome ‘about me' page, you don't want them to leave your blog or wonder what to do next. Give them some direction. Do you want them to read your most popular posts? Do you want them to follow you on your favorite social media outlets? Link to your most popular posts and your Twitter or Instagram account. They won't know where to go unless you tell them.

Writing an ‘about me' page can seem like a daunting task. But don't shy away from it. It's important to put thought and effort into it as it is an essential page on your blog and has the power to turn readers into loyal fans!

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