Worst First Day Of School. Ever.

It seems like every time I've logged into one of my social media accounts over the last month or so, someone has been talking about the first day of school.

I've read posts about back-to-school shopping.

I've seen the cutest first-day-of-school pictures.

I've comforted a couple of moms after they've endured their first kindergarten drop-off.

And I've thanked my lucky stars that my daughter will be home with me for another 2 years.

I'm just not ready…

Over the course of my life, I've had many first days – first days of school, first days of work, first days of mom-and-me classes – and they've always left me feeling a little terrified.

What if I hate it? What if no one likes me? What if I pass gas?

But I've always walked away feeling excited to return the following day.

With the exception of my first day of sixth grade.

That wasn't so fun.

We'd moved to a new apartment the year before, and I was excited to learn that one of the girls from my class lived in our building. We didn't hang around the same group of kids at school, but I figured if we talked on the bus and hung out on the weekends, we would eventually become BFFs. I mean, that's how it happened in all of my books, so it just seemed like a no-brainer to me.

But Jenni obviously didn't feel the same way, and when I boarded the school bus and sat down next to her that day, as I did for all of fifth grade, she told me she didn't want to sit next to me anymore.

And she said it loudly.

So loudly that the entire bus heard her.

I was devastated.

The good news is, I met my childhood BFF Laura that day, and she spent the rest of the year teaching me about more important things.

Like boys.

I completely avoided Jenni after that horrible day, but I always regretted that I didn't stick up for myself.

And then one day I got my chance.

It was the summer of 1996, and a bunch of us had returned to Singapore after our first year of college. My friends and I had spent the greater part of the afternoon knocking back vodka-limes, and just as we were stumbling out of the bar in search of the closest Denny's, another group of kids from our graduating class were filing in.

And the first person in line was Jenni.

The moment our eyes locked (and hers narrowed into that oh-too-familiar scowl), I was immediately transported back to that bus.

But then Jenni did something that surprised me – she threw her arms around me and yelled, "OMG, Dani! It's so good to see you!" for all the world to hear.

I stood there in stunned silence.

And then the booze I had been consuming all afternoon gave me a confidence I didn't have when I was 12, and I not-so-nicely reminded Jenni how she'd made me feel on that first day of sixth grade.


In front of all of her friends.

And then I walked out.

And prayed I'd never see her or her friends ever again.

Immature? Yes.

Unnecessary? Probably.

Satisfying? You better believe it.

Have you ever had a bad first day at something?

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